DIY Writers At Work

If you just happened to stumble on this site and don’t know WTF is going on, click here to get wise to it.

As I toil away on revisions, I thought I’d post about two writers who are not only writing worthwhile material, they are taking their own approach to making sure it reaches the public.

The first is J.C. Hutchins, a novelist based out of Florida. After writing sci-fi material that failed to gain the interest of agents, J.C. launched his own website, and offered his writing in the form of serialized podcasts. The results were incredible and he received so much traffic that his books are now available in print. Check the website out here.

The second writer is Cory Doctorow. What’s different about Cory is the work he offers for free download is previously published. his downloads also happen to be DRM-free. Aside from offering  content to visitors, his site has taken on a community feel.

Seeing what authors are getting accomplished in the internet age has given me renewed hope as a writer and proof that a reading audience is alive and well.

Hope you enjoy these two sources of entertainment.


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